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The words health and wellness are sometimes used as code words for pseudo-medical remedies created to replace or falsely-augment medically proven treatments for minor and major diseases. Centre for Inquiry Canada has launched Health and Wellness Check Up, a campaign designed to investigate claims by the purveyors of alternative products and treatments to promote “health and wellness.”

CFI Canada’s campaign is designed to work for you and with you to investigate  practitioners with questionable business and/or clinical  models selling treatments with no measurable medical benefit.

This is CFI Canada’s most ambitious campaign to date and CFIC needs your help to investigate and expose any treatments and services that encourage people to bypass medical treatment that promotes measureable health and wellness.

CFI Canada is very concerned about the incursion of pseudo-science in medicine and medical education. Do you have similar concerns about pseudo-science in medicine? Contact us today at or let us know through social media using the hashtag #CFICheckUp.

Please get involved or make a donation to help us in the inquiries featured below!



Pictured: Yellow Pages Group Ad spotted at a Toronto subway station.

Questionable Health Services: Dangerous Dilutions Project

CFIC inquires into the dangerous growth of homeopathy and other pseudo-scientific health service providers.  What are the responsibilities and accountabilities of these businesses when they have real health impacts in the lives and deaths of their clients.  CFI Canada contends that homeopathy is a dangerous dilution of healthcare in Canada.

Current Inquiries

Questionable Health Education: Pseudoscience in Health Services Education

Robert French and CFIC in Vancouver’s work to combat the incursion of pseudoscience into healthcare and education!  There appears to be a growing trend for pseudo-scientific educational programs to gain recognition through accredited universities, arms-length government bodies and independent, self-appointed oversight organizations.  What protections are in place for prospective students to be certain they are receiving a valid education and what protection is in place for the unsuspecting public when these students enter the marketplace to sell their services?

Current Inquiries

Questionable Health Products and Devices: Regulation of Medical Devices in Canada

Dr. Terry Polevoy brought disturbing information  about a device called Celsius42 (Tumour Cell Solution) to our attention in December 2014!  Our members have responded to help CFI Canada and Canadians understand how Health Canada’s system of protection works and what gaps and problems may exist.

Questionable Health-Risk Claims: Pseudo-science Scare Tactics

Health-risk claims get airing by main-stream media whether they are backed by evidence or not.  CFIC documents and presents here examples of health-risk claims from recent media that do not have clear evidence; CFIC recommends that Canadians seek verifiable evidence from respected health sources before making health decisions of any kind: