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Announcing CFIC’s first virtual conference!

We have an exciting lineup of speakers from A to Z, with topics including science, secularism, science fiction, and philosophy:

  • Andy Thomson – Why We Believe in God(s)
  • Gus Lyn-Piluso & Joan Harrison – Education for Democracy
  • Michael Wong – Star Trek and Science
  • Amir Artaban Sedaghat – East, West, Islam: a Perpetual Misapprehension?
  • Sandra Dunham – The Cost of Religion in Canada
  • Sean Manning – Ancient Astronauts Built the Science Fiction of Egypt
  • Zack Dumont – Surviving Misinformation in a Global Pandemic

We will also be hosting panels and workshops, as well as providing opportunities for (virtually) socializing with attendees across the country and around the world.

Get tickets on Eventbrite and receive the virtual conferencing links via email. Be sure to use a valid email in order to receive links and updates as the event draws nearer.

Filling out your Canadian Census? Tell it like it is by selecting “No Religion”

How much does the Government of Canada subsidize religion?

Click to read the first two reports in our series on the Cost of Religion in Canada

Please help change Canada’s refugee policy to include atheists in the list of people eligible for the  “Less Complex Claims” status. (This is currently available only to members of the religions listed in the official Less Complex Claims Policy).

Sign the e-petition here.

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