CFI Halifax’s goal is to support and grow the freethought community in Halifax and surrounding areas.   Our interests vary, from unlikely alternative health claims to the latest scientific advancements, from government endorsement of religion to outlandish conspiracy theories, but we all value rationality and secularism.

We host a variety of events, and are always looking for other ways to connect with skeptics and critical thinkers.  Skeptics in the Pub is an informal, social, monthly meeting at a bar.  Public lectures have included philosophers, an astronomer, and James Randi, conjurer and skeptic extraordinaire.  Fall 2013 marks the beginning of our film screenings.

Email us at  Follow us on Twitter at @CFINovaScotia. Like us on Facebook. Join us on Meetup.

CFI Halifax’s director is Shawn Wilson. He can be reached at (902) 802-9714. CFI Halifax’s treasurer is Christopher Townsend.