In case you missed it: Please see Help Us Help Omer for background information.

Omer has had a difficult month, with a great deal of pain caused by his second angioplasty. However, he is getting better each day and seeing his cardiologist weekly. We cannot begin to express our appreciation to Amnesty International for covering the cost of this life-saving intervention.

On the bright side, with a little pressure from the United Nations, Nepal has included refugees in their vaccination program and Omer “got the jab” on July 18. The single dose of Johnson and Johnson left him with body aches and fever and protection against COVID-19. As his health improves, Omer has regained his optimism and continues to enjoy the companionship of dogs at the local shelter. He describes his time with them as a lovely experience.

As always, we continue to look forward to a day when Omer can enjoy more human companionship when he settles safely in Canada. Until then, we are happy that he has found a distraction that perhaps offers equal part comfort to him and the canines he visits, and that his serious medical issues have been addressed.

For everyone who has pitched in so that we can keep Omer safe, a sincere thank you from him and from CFIC. If you would like to make a donation in support of Omer you may do so here.