Education is a top priority for Canadians.  CFIC undertakes to provide educational materials and support to Canadian communities.  Kids need access to science-based, critical thinking educational resources. On occasion, however, CFIC and other secular organizations find that our attempts to provide secular and science materials blocked while public officials systemically support the promotion of religion in and through schools.

Recently members from Quebec noted that publicly funded schools in Quebec tacitly promote Christianity in the community by placing Christian symbols on their schools, as in the examples below of École primaire Gentilly.  It’s a public elementary school located in Dorval (Québec).  The official school website can be found here: .

CFI Canada asks residents of Quebec (and Canada) if religious privilege is acceptable in our modern, multicultural environment.  Should religion be systemically or specifically allowed in publicly-funded schools?  Should religious organizations, like Gideons, be able to  continue to distribute Christian Bibles (or other materials) while other groups are systemically blocked? Should non-Christian families be forced to tolerate an attitude of Christian dominance of a publicly-funded schools with prominent Christian symols?