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Chesterton Debate Series

The Cechesterton240x200ntre for Inquiry was excited to participate in the first debate in the newly launched annual Chesterton Debate Series, organized by the Toronto Catholic Archdiocese and the Office of Catholic Youth. The debate, held on February 7, 2014 on the question “Is there a God?”, pitted CFI’s Justin Trottier against Father Philip Cleeveley. The event quickly sold out to a 500 seat auditorium, with a diverse audience ranging from atheists and humanists to crowds of priests, nuns, and even a Cardinal.



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CFI has been asked to continue to participate in these annual events. In early 2015 the next debate, “God’s Politics? A debate on religion’s role in political life,” will feature a secular position represented by Leslie Rosenblood, one of our most dedicated CFI volunteers and Policy Advisor for the Canadian Secular Alliance.