Courses and Presentations

Secular Seminars Series

The Centre for Inquiry Canada is proud to launch a new collaborative education offering called the Secular Seminars Series.  This series will be focussed on providing detailed history, facts and perspectives on the most pressing secular issues facing Canada.
The inaugural seminar will be held October 21, 2014 at the CFIC’s Toronto office with access by teleconference or Skype made available upon request.  The first seminar will be:
Prayers in Public Spaces 

Teaching The Controversy

Teaching the Controversy is a video-based educational programme based on popular “Teach The Controversy” t-shirts available at the CFI Canada office. What is the flying teapot anyway?  Who is Chthulu?  What do you mean by Extraordinary Claims?  This series is focussed on providing the essential critical thinking background to todays’ most prevalent scientific, religious or philosophical controversies.