Happy summer solstice. Here it is, the longest day of the year. We hope that the extra daytime hours will provide you with extra time to commit to becoming more involved with Centre for Inquiry Canada. CFIC helps people to make decisions based on evidence, rational thinking and compassion. We know what a positive difference those kinds of decisions make for people, communities and organizations. With your involvement we can do even more.

In the last year we have:
  • brought you 12 editions of Critical Links; sharing the latest news and information to help you make good decisions,
  • exposed the cost of tax exemptions for donations to charities identifying under the “advancement of religion” classification of charities,
  • supported a refugee fleeing persecution for blasphemy in Pakistan
  • brought you reliable information about COVID-19
  • temporarily moved all of our programs on-line.

I believe Canada needs a watchdog to keep an eye on all the bafflegab that comes out of certain agenda-driven groups.

   — Mark, Nova Scotia

All of this is made possible by critical thinkers who support CFIC through their membership, volunteer work and donations. We are asking you to join them by becoming a member, volunteer and/or donor.

Our members and donors ensure that we can confidently expand programming and respond quickly to current events. Our volunteers write, research, plan and organize so that we can continuously improve. This has been more critical in 2020 than at any time in our history.

I value the information and advocacy provided by CFIC. I make a small monthly donation to
show my support. If not me, who?

  –Sandra, Ontario

Since we printed our annual report in March, the circumstances in the world and in Canada have changed dramatically. Because we have been able to count on the stability of funding from donors and members, we have been able to support an atheist refugee through our secular rescue program, respond quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic, and create extensive programming through our virtual branch.

While the past months have been challenging for all Canadians, we hope that CFIC has helped you to find reliable information about the pandemic, to find interesting programming to fill your mind and your hours, and provided community in a time of isolation. As we move to the reopening of Canada, we hope that you will continue to trust us to bring you the information you want. But we can’t do this without you.

Here are a few ways you can help support the work of CFIC:

Make a one-time or monthly donation

Become a CFIC Member

Volunteer with CFIC

I donate because I feel the work is at the heart of the most pressing issues we face – COVID19, the climate emergency, racism, sexism, and the urgent need for a more inclusive society. All of this is at the top of the news and as we move into a major recession or even depression, Canada must do better on all of these issues. Doing better makes us stronger and better able to adapt to a changing world.    
   — John, Ontario