With each new member our voice of reason gets stronger and more influential. As we grow in numbers, so does our influence with government decision makers and the public opinion that guides them. Without us, the major influencers will continue to be the large, self-interested groups and institutions that benefit from making baseless claims and spreading pseudo-scientific nonsense.

We help people to make decisions based on evidence, rational thinking and compassion. We know what a positive difference those kinds of decisions make for people, communities and organizations. We are Canada’s only national non-profit with the mission of promoting critical thinking, science and secularism

CFIC has two classes of membership:

Friends of the Centre for Inquiry Canada are non-voting members.  For $30 for an individual membership (or $45 for a family), you can add your voice to those speaking on behalf of science and secularism. Membership also entitles you to discount on CFIC events. Membership fees are an important source of revenue for the Centre for Inquiry.

Councilors of the Centre for Inquiry Canada are elected annually to that position from among the membership. Council members are entitled to vote at the CFIC annual meeting and in the case of special resolution.  The number of council members is set annually to 5% of the voting membership. Council memberships are $60. If you are interested in becoming a council member, please purchase a membership as a Friend of the Centre for Inquiry Canada and email  Membership@Centreforinquiry.ca to express an interest in standing for a council position.