The Centre for Inquiry | Calgary could use your help!

The best way to get involved with CFI Calgary is to come out and meet us. Our membership is quite diverse, but we are full of friendly people. We always seem to have some sort of social event in the near future. It may be a movie night at a local Nightclub, or a celebration of a skeptical event like Darwin Day, Carl Sagan day or even Pi Day!

You can also join us for Skeptics in the Pub on the first Tuesday of the month. This is a chance to socialize with other like minded individuals and enjoy a drink or two and some great conversation.

We offer many opportunities to become involved in Skeptical, Human Rights, and Secular activities. We are a community of like minded people who share many skeptical viewpoints, but many of us also want to be a proactive and positive force in the world. The “A-Team”, is a group of Atheists / Skeptics trying to make a difference in Calgary through volunteer work. Previous projects have included a Calgary Pathway Cleanup and helping to clean up the High River flood damage.

Sounds interesting?  All of our events are listed on Facebook or on Meetup.