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March 05, 2013 11:00 ET
Medical Experts Outraged Over Anti-Vaccination Event at Simon Fraser

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – March 5, 2013) – ‘Vaccine Summit: Vancouver 2013’, to be hosted at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre (Vancouver) campus is billed as a “transparent discussion about vaccines”, but according to medical experts it is just a platform for anti-vaccine activists to spread dangerous misinformation which could harm the public. Even SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences was disturbed that the university would associate itself with such an event and described it as “anti-science and contrary to good public health practice”.

An open letter to the SFU president calls for SFU to repudiate an anti-vaccination conference. The letter was co-signed by the Centre for Inquiry (CFI) Vancouver, Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism, and a number of Vancouver-area medical experts.

CFI Vancouver’s Ethan Clow thinks that isn’t enough: “Simon Fraser University needs to make a clear public statement about the overwhelming medical evidence in support of vaccination, and disavowing the message of the Vaccine Resistance Movement,” he said. “The university made a mistake, and needs to fix that mistake through science-based public outreach and education about vaccination.”


Open Letter sent to SFU signed by CFI and Vancouver science and health experts

BC Premier needs to clarify how her faith influences her politics:
National secular organization

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA—(January 22, 2013) – In light of BC
Premier Christy Clark’s upcoming special appearance at the Faith &
Politics Dinner on February 5th, the Centre for Inquiry (CFI) Canada
calls on Clark to clarify how exactly her faith informs her political
decision making in British Columbia.

“There is a worrying pattern here,” said CFI’s National Communications
Director Justin Trottier. “In previous comments Clark cited the Bible
as a source of inspiration for making political decisions and
indicated religion is how ‘we understand ourselves’.”

According in the 2001 census, BC is the least religious province in
Canada, with over one third of residents claiming no religious

“The Premier should explain to her constituents which of the many
varied Biblical values she follows, how they shape her political
views, and whether she is committed to upholding the separation of
church and state and the primacy of evidence-based public policy
should evidence conflict with her worldview,” said Trottier.

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