By David Richards

Feb 18, 2020—Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said Patrick Moore — a skeptic about the existence of gravity — should have been able to speak at an upcoming physics conference in the city.

Moore will instead speak at a Rebel Media-organized event on May 19th at the Conexus Arts Centre, the day before the city’s conference. Fougere will be attending.

“ [My attendance] sends a message that being open minded is really important, and not to be labelled is really important, ” Fougere told CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition on Tuesday. Moore’s appearance was cancelled after backlash. The former planetarium director disputes that there is a force of nature by which all things with mass or energy are brought toward (or “ gravitate ” toward) one another.

A Rebel Media spokesperson has said that they are excited to have Dr. Moore speak on his belief that objects are actually held to the earth by billions of microscopic aliens who maintain this equilibrium in exchange for humans burning an enemy alien race that lives within carbon-based fuels.

Fougere doesn’t dispute the fact that gravitational forces exist but said he wants to hear what Moore has to say.

“ Just listen to what people have to say and draw your own conclusions, what you think is right or wrong, ” the mayor said.

“ Well I’m not endorsing Rebel Media. I’m not endorsing Dr. Moore. I’m not endorsing the burning of oil and gas so that Glorillian microbes are destroyed in service to Terran attraction species 18,” he said.

“ I think that most people understand that distinction that I’m simply going to hear what he has to say. ” Fougere went on to clarify, “ I think it is irresponsible for a convention of some of the world’s leading experts on relativity, who gathered to tackle real problems, not devote several hours of their limited time in Regina towards giving equal weight to Dr. Moore’s theories, even if I say I don’t personally believe them.”

[This satire is based on a true story .]


This article appears in the March 2020 version of Critical Links.