Wherever You Go….

CFIC’s members, volunteers and friends are some of the most adventurous and engaged people you’re ever going to meet.  It’s because people who love science and our diverse and amazing world also love to see and experience the wonders of this world.

Take for example, George Kourounis, the adventurous host of Angry Planet.  George took a few minutes out of filming to send us a few photos. The first was taken on Siberia‘s “Road of Bones“.  He told us the picture came from “the town of Khandyga, along the “Road of Bones” which is a road that was built by Soviet gulag prisoners in the 1930’s-1950’s. As the prisoners died building the road, their bodies were buried in the road itself instead of digging graves in the permafrost.”  Wow. George in Siberia (Small)

George brought CFIC to Laos!

CFIC Laos 02 (Small) CFIC Laos 01 (Small)

…..and to Times Square in New York City!

CFIC Times Square (Small)

We were very happy to see these shots from Norway – a country which inspired us when the Norwegian government dropped their blasphemy law.  George gave a talk to the United Nations Environmental Emergencies Forum, showcasing his efforts to document disasters & climate change etc.   After the conference, it was adventure time.  The best was Kjerig Mountain, near the town of Lysebotn.  Following a round-trip climb/hike of about 5 1/2 hours, George came back with some amazing photos!

– Pulpit Rock – A straight drop cliffside, that is about a kilometre down to the fjord below. We had great weather.
– Kjerigbolten – A boulder, wedged into the cliffside since the last ice age. I managed to get out onto it, despite the strong, gusty winds. Talk about scary! One slip, and it’s a drop all the way down, almost a kilometre.

 CFIC Pulpit Rock

 CFIC Kjerigbolten

George and CFIC in Tornado Alley…actually a town named Canadian, Texas!



George was at the Explorers Museum Film Festival and visted the Charleville castle in Tullamore, Ireland.

CFIC Ireland (Large)

George was deep inside the Benbow crater of Ambrym volcano, in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu (Between Fiji & Australia)GeorgeVolcano1 (Small)

Watch this spot for more pics from George!

CFIC Nyiragongo

Weather Network meteorologist Mark Robinson and George inside the crater of Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyiragongo is home to the world’s largest lake of lava, 200 meters in diameter.

Bring CFIC With You!

You can send us photos from your travels too!  Wear a CFIC ballcap (for purchase send an email to: torontoteam@cficanada.ca), shirt or carry one of our banners wherever you’re going.  Snap a pic, send us a few words and we’ll add to our wall of travels!

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