By Sandra Dunham

CFIC member and retired accountant John Manuel took the raw data provided in CFIC’s first report on the cost of religion in Canada, and concluded that our numbers understated  the tax savings for donations to charities whose self-declared primary purpose is “Advancement of Religion.” Mr. Manuel and I reviewed the numbers and determined that the more realistic estimate of the value of tax credits for donations to religious charities is $3 billion (previously reported to be $2.6 billion).

This is how science works. When findings are published with full data and detailed methodology, the results are verified by independent others and any mistakes are corrected. Knowledge increases, and we move forward. CFIC thanks Mr. Manuel for correcting the error that went unnoticed during the review process.

The revised report is available on the CFIC website .

This article appears in the January 2020 version of Critical Links.