By Zack Dumont

As everyone adjusts to the exceedingly rapid change and shocking disruption in the world in front of us, we wanted to take a break from the usual Critical Links format and provide only a brief update, with a promise of more to come. This gives our many volunteer authors the opportunity to focus on ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them; and further, allows us to highlight some of the tools and resources that CFIC already has in place for our staff, volunteers, and you.

Firstly, CFIC has already been conducting much of its business remotely and, therefore, it’s business as usual at CFIC HQ. Secondly, we’re encouraging all CFIC branches and groups to practice social distancing, which in the coming weeks may be more aptly coined physical distancing . This change in terminology is welcome for two reasons:

  1. The overwhelmingly positive evidence for social/physical distancing continues to mount; no one here expects miracles, so let’s do what we can and use evidence to drive our actions; social/physical distancing is no moonshot… it works.
  2. Swapping the term “physical” for “social” allows us to get back to being social, which was never dependent on physical co-location anyway.

One of the major strides that CFIC took over the last year, though coincidental, was the establishment of our Virtual branch. We anticipate that this branch can carry the load as our geographical branches adjust to no live in-person events or meetings for the time being. If you want to get social with link-minded people again — and we strongly encourage that! — please sign up for our virtual branch . There’s no need to be alone right now.

Lastly, in preparation for upcoming editions, we’re welcoming your COVID-19-related questions for which responses may be provided in upcoming issues of Critical Links. Please email us your questions here .

This article appears in the April 2020 version of Critical Links.