Are you interested in a leadership role at CFIC? We are seeking councilors and directors to start in March 2021. We’re looking for enthusiastic folks to help us in our mission to spread science awareness, secularism, and critical thinking.

Council members elect the board of directors and vote on significant organizational changes. Council membership is $60 ($30 of this is eligible for a charitable tax receipt). Anyone who is interested in a council membership but cannot afford the membership fee may request an earned membership. Earned council members are expected to contribute a minimum of six hours per month to CFIC.

Board members oversee the operations of CFIC. Board members are elected from the council members of CFIC. They are expected to prioritize attendance at CFIC board meetings (once per month by video-conference) and to take on a leadership role within CFIC.

Being on the board or council is a significant and rewarding opportunity for someone who wishes to have input into the future of CFIC. If you would like more information about becoming a director or council member, please email Sandra Dunham (Executive Director of Development).

For more on council memberships please see the CFIC bylaws.