On or around Sunday, November 9th, 2014 CFI Canada honoured the late great Dr. Carl Sagan.

We thank everyone at our branches who pulled together a Carl Sagan Day event. It was great to see so many people come out and enjoy their time spent with other like-minded people who want to foster a thriving CFI Canada community.


Jeff Ainslie at CFI Calgary reported that a hearty bunch of Calgarian members braved the weather and showed up to the branch’s Sagan event. The city’s first blast of winter started the night before with freezing rain turning to snow. Neither snow nor sleet nor gloom of night stayed these CFI Saganites!


At CFI Ottawa, 17 attendees including Diane Bruce, celebrated Dr. Sagan’s life as an exceptional skeptic, astronomer and science educator by meeting at the The Royal Oak pub on the Canal. Kevin Brown gave an inspiring talk and quiz.


Taking a evening trip to the Halifax Planetarium to learn about the wonders of the universe was an excellent way for Shawn Wilson and 15 people at CFI Halifax to recognize Carl Sagan Day. To get things off on a good note, 10 of those people met up before the show and had an enjoyable dinner. Apple pie for dessert?


Volunteers at the CFI Toronto branch and CFI Canada National Executive Director, Eric Adriaans, hosted an animated and engaged celebration of Sagan’s life at the national headquarters on Sunday afternoon.

Refreshments were served and clips of both Cosmos series were screened. It was a lively atmosphere as 20 attendees mingled and were greeted at the door by an unexpected…host.

Watch our announcements for 2015 Carl Sagan Day plans at CFI Canada!

CFI Canada NED Eric Adriaans (far right) with two Sagan fans and one “Sagan”
A lively discussion with CFI Toronto Branch Manager Wil McDowall: “Is this “Sagan” guy for real?”
Two, who are, in a very real and profound sense, a part of the Cosmos, born from it, each of their fates deeply connected with it.
Attendees at Sagan Day
Attendees expressing surprise just at the selection of refreshments; nothing else
"Sagan" happy with CFIC's Extraordinary Claims campaign
“Sagan” giving his universal acceptance of CFIC’s Extraordinary Claims campaign