In the months leading up to the 2019 Federal election CFIC asked our members to identify the most pressing issues facing Canada. Over 1/3 of members responded, and the results overwhelmingly confirmed that our members want to know how our elected officials will engage in Science-Based Decision-Making, particularly when it comes to climate change and healthcare.
You told us that you want a government that understands the importance of science and reason; and wants policies developed from the best available evidence. This means increased support for scientific research and policies that are supported by evidence.
For those of you looking for ideas of questions to put to candidates, CFIC has some suggestions – see below, or download the PDF.
We invite you to share answers to these and/or any other questions you asked about science, secularism or critical thinking. If you have answers that you want to share, whether from conversations with a candidate on the phone, at your front door, or from an all-candidate’s meeting, please post them in the comments.


Climate Science

What will you do to ensure that Canada’s climate scientists receive enough funding to research climate change?

Will you support a dedicated funding stream for climate science?

How will you ensure that government decisions are based on the data gathered by climate scientists?


Making Science Accessible

How will your government ensure that Canadians have access to science research?

How will your government make federally funded research available to the public?


Health Care

How might Canada’s health care system be supported and strengthened?

What will you do to ensure that Canadians have access to reliable information about evidence-based healthcare?


Evidence-based decision making

How will you know that the evidence your decision-making is based on is sound?

How will you help Canadians to better understand the difference between fact (science) and opinion?


Science Integrity

What confidentiality requirements will your party place on Canada’s science program?

How will your party strengthen Canada’s recently implemented Science Integrity Policies?


Canada’s Chief Science Advisor

How will you support the work of Canada’s Chief Science Advisor?

What will your party to support a coordinated national science strategy?