Boko Haram and the Importance of a Secular Society

Join CFI Canada in our campaign to raise awareness of the importance of secular society in protecting vulnerable people from religious-based terrorism and human rights violations.  Join CFI Canada as a volunteer to speak at local schools, events and meetings on this important issue.


Say NO to  Pope John Paul II Day


Tell ABC that Jenny McCarthy’s pseudoscience is not welcome on The View (@theviewtv)


Support equality in legal education


Catholic School Board Breaking the Law?


Good Without God Billboard Campaigns

A fundamental aspect of free speech should be the ability for atheist, humanist and secular agencies to publicly engage the community.  However there is a long history, in Canada and around the world, of organizations like CFI Canada being frustrated or denied the right to speak about reason.  Your support of CFI Canada billboard and bus ads sends the message that CFI Canada members demand free speech.