Secular Human Rights Campaigns and Initiatives


In response to the outpouring of concern expressed by members and volunteers of CFI Canada over the earthquake in Nepal (May 2015), we have launched the Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE).

The SHARE fund was initially developed by CFI (US) as a service for their donors who wished to give to disaster relief in a way that is consistent with their ethics and standards; in Canada, the SHARE model is a service to CFIC members and donors who wish to give to disaster recovery initiatives through secular charities.  CFIC will provide a tax receipt to donors and pass 100% of donations to a secular disaster recovery charity partner.  Donor names and details will not be shared with other organizations (unless explicitly requested by the donor).

Giving to assist during disasters should respect your ethics and reach the vulnerable.  We can help.


End Blasphemy Laws

in January of 2015, CFI Canada stepped up to be a leader and co-founder of the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws.  This initiative is a response to events such as the brutal torture of Raif Badawi and the murders at Charlie Hebdo.  CFIC asserts that it is hypocritical and embarrassing for Canada to be considered a world-leader on human rights and to retain an archaic blasphemy law in the criminal code.

To learn more about Canada’s blasphemy law and this campaign visit our relevant webpages:

Canada’s Blasphemous Libel Law – An Educational Overview

End Blasphemy Laws Now – Information About ICABL and World Blasphemy Laws

Raif Badawi – An Example of Abuses Through Blasphemy Laws

Condemnation of the Murders At Charlie Hebdo


Condemnation of Faith-Based Violenceshirtlogoth

In the first months of 2015, the world has been witness to repeated acts of violence and murder around the world.  CFIC condemns all faith-based violence.

Condemnation of the Murders At Charlie Hebdo

Billboard Campaigns

Good Without God Billboard Campaigns

A fundamental aspect of free speech should be the ability for atheist, humanist and secular agencies to publicly engage the community.  However there is a long history, in Canada and around the world, of organizations like CFI Canada being frustrated or denied the right to speak about reason.  Your support of CFI Canada billboard and bus ads sends the message that CFI Canada members demand free speech.






CFIC’s Archive of Secular and Human Rights Campaigns

Support equality in legal education

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