One of CFIC’s goals is to help people to share the benefits of real science and expose those who use scientific language
to promote very unscientific ideas or products.

“Canadians are being misled by claims that are not backed by science. As a result, they may be wasting
their money, and worse, jeopardizing their health. People who are ill and desperate for cure are
especially vulnerable.”

said Zack Dumont, pharmacist and CFIC’s Science Chair,

“It is important that themedical community, scientists, regulators, and the media work together to assist people with critically
evaluating the evidence (or lack thereof) behind trending wellness information.”

Scientific misinformation is spread through social media, the general media, celebrity endorsements and weak government oversight and regulation. When believed, this misinformation can be fatal (anti-vaxxers), create dangerous side effects (eating your placenta, ingesting charcoal for “detoxification”) or result in great financial expense for no benefit (intravenous vitamin therapy, drinking collagen).

The average Canadian receives little or no education in critical thinking. Meanwhile, confusing messages from corporate interests, the self-indulgent or ideologues bombard every Canadian, every day. Most of us feel ill-equipped to separate the real science from the self-serving junk.

To help us tailor the platform and quick guide, we’re asking for the public’s help. Send us the real science that means the most to you or your favorite pseudoscientific claim.  Post it to the comments on this page, or to our Facebook page, or on Twitter (tags #realscience and #scienceorscam).

Download the  CFIC – Quick Guide – Is It Science