CFI Calgary started in 2007 and is a vibrant and growing community of Skeptics, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists. We interact with around 800 members who follow our Facebook Page and/or Facebook Group. Another 700 members are part of the “CFI Calgary Atheists & Secular Humanists” group on We also partner with, and support campus groups such as The University of Calgary Freethinkers and the Mount Royal University Humanists club.

Our members are diverse in age, ethnicity, occupation, and encompass a broad range of skeptical thought. Our active members range in age from students all the way to a few members well into their 80’s. Many of our members are not native Canadians, but come to us from diverse cultures, languages and religions from around the world. Our members are Teachers, Construction Workers, Engineers, Programmers, Students, Doctors, Bartenders and Servers, Photographers, Business Owners, Graphic Designers, Professors, Bus Drivers, Scientists, Lawyers, Administrators and so on.

Many of our members are interested in Scientific Skepticism and are mostly interested in issues such as Genetically Modified Foods, Alternative Medicine, or Fluoridation in Calgary’s water system. Others are questioning their faith, whether they are from Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or many others. They find fellowship with people who can discuss and share their journeys from belief to non belief. Others, are recovering from various religions which have abused, controlled and then shunned them when they left. When they abandoned their faith, their communities abandoned them. We offer a welcoming and understanding community.

We offer many social events such as monthly Skeptics in The Pub events, Summer Barbeques, and Movie Nights. We provide opportunities for skeptical activism through Human Rights or Alternative Medicine protests or demonstrations. We march each year in support of the LGBTQ community in the Pride Parade. Community volunteer opportunities such as the yearly Calgary River and Pathway Cleanup are popular with our members. We also provide many guest speakers, lecturers and entertainers throughout the year. CFI Calgary has hosted names such as: James Randi, Michael Shermer, George Hrab, Shelly Segal, David Silverman, John Loftus, Cami Ryan, and Peter Boghossian.

Stay Informed!

All of our events are listed on Facebook or on Meetup.  Most events are open to the public; discounts are offered to Friends of the Centre for Inquiry (join here).

Jeff Ainslie is the Branch Manager for CFI Calgary. To contact Jeff Ainslie or for more information, contact