After a bit of a break, CFI Okanagan is back in action. We have some great Kids for Inquiry events coming up, as well as some activism and Skeptics in the Park!


About CFI Okanagan

Regular attendees at CFI Okanagan events come from many different backgrounds and walks of life. However, we all value reason, science and secularism. Some of us are life-long atheists, some of us escaped religion at some time in our lives, some of us are agnostic. (We even have a couple of theists in our midst!) Some of us have been skeptics for as long as we can remember, some of us have come to see how we were once fooled by the claims of psychics, homeopaths, or other peddlars of magical, unscientific thinking. Whatever stage you are at in your own education — whether formal or informal — if you love learning and value evidence and reason over faith and magical thinking, you are sure to find a CFI Okanagan event that you will enjoy. Join us at an event soon!

The board of CFI Okanagan, together with our team of hardworking volunteers, strives to make our little corner of the world a better place through activism and educational, charitable and social events.

Although most of our events take place in Kelowna, we also have groups that meet in Vernon and Penticton. CFI Okanagan also supports the West Kootenays branch.

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About CFI West Kootenays

CFI West Kootenays is for fellowship and social networking among skeptics, critical thinkers, and other like-minded individuals. It is an opportunity for skeptics and rationalists to talk, share ideas in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, and discuss whatever topical issues come to mind, while promoting skepticism, science, and rationality.

We meet in Nelson (a.k.a. Woo-wooville) once a month either at the Seniors’ Centre or in a local bar. We sometimes have speakers, watch movies, act as fake psychics, write letters and/or just drink and discuss.

Come join the fun with a bunch of people who like to bend our brains in the most amusing ways.
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Nelson CFI