Covid-19 update:  CFIC is providing on-line LwR meetings, not only for those currently involved in local groups but also for anyone across the country looking to find connection and support during these trying times.

smart-recovery-meetingLiving Without Religion is a peer-support group offered for people who are working through the challenges related to leaving an organized religion, or living without any religion.  The program is facilitated by a participant – not a clinician.  Individuals are encouraged to talk about their challenges from health and quality of life to social or financial dependency.

CFIC offers LWR groups in Toronto, Ottawa,  and as part of our Virtual Branch

Common issues that arise at these meetings often come in the form of a question. Here are some examples:

  • “What will my family think if I tell them I don’t believe in God?”
  • “Where do I draw hope and purpose from if there is no God?”
  • “My spouse is religious, but I’m not. Is that a problem?”

You may be interested in this group if:

  • You have recently started to doubt or reconsider your belief and/or your participation in your religious activities.
  • You have not been attending religious services for a long time (or may never have gone) and just want to discuss issues that arise out of being non-religious
  • You have always been non-religious or an atheist and want to discuss problems that you are encountering as a result
  • You are non-religious and perfectly happy and comfortable with your irreligiosity and wish to offer support to others.

We Offer:

  • A non-judgmental group of peers
  • Shared experiences and resources
  • A place to express yourself in confidence