During the Covid-19 pandemic, Centre for Inquiry Canada remains committed to scientific inquiry, critical thinking, secularism and building community. We want to ensure that we are available to our members and that we are working with others to promote the best information that science has to offer.

In view of the flood of information and misinformation swirling around us, CFIC would like to assist with providing answers to your questions about Covid-19.

We also hope you will participate in some of CFIC’s activities and events:

We know that you may have other needs we have not yet identified. If so, please send us your ideas about activities CFIC should be pursuing – you can use the comment section below, or send us an email.

If you have specialized knowledge or talent that you can offer to our membership at this time, please consider volunteering to help out.  This is the time when we need to pull together to help all Canadians.

Thank you for your support of Centre for Inquiry Canada.