Sandra Dunham

CFIC relies entirely on donations to be your voice of science, free inquiry, critical thinking, and secularism here in Canada. This year, we are asking our members and supporters to “Fund the Facts.” Your donations are crucial to the success of CFIC. With your help we can “Fight the Fakes”; our campaign to stem the unrelenting tide of misinformation. We ask that you consider CFIC as part of your year-end donation planning and start the new year knowing that you did your part for critical thinking.

With the help of our donors, in 2021 we:

In fact, our members and donors provided 12 months of programming [LINK] including peer support, discussion groups, author talks, and science information. They brought you 12 editions of Critical Links and ensured that fact-based content was available on social media. Our members and supporters have “Funded the Facts” for the past 12 months. If you are a donor, thank you for being a part of this. If you have not yet given, perhaps this is the year to help us “Fight the Fakes.”

Did you know that donating appreciated stocks is a very economical way of supporting your favourite charity? Please speak to your financial planner about this option, or email our Executive Director of Development, Sandra Dunham, for more information. Do you have other questions about donating to CFIC? Please reach out to Sandra and she can let you know how we use donor funds, how we appreciate our donors, how we manage our finances, or anything else you would like answered.

Think what CFIC could do if every supporter made a financial contribution according to their means! Please don’t delay. Send in your gift today!