There’s always a lot happening at CFI Canada.  Browse our programs, services and events targeted to engage, educate, support and assist CFI Canada members and clients.  Centre For Inquiry Canada is your community for science and secularism.


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For all the latest community  speaker events and book launches, check out our branch pages, events calendar and our Branch and Event Calendars.


Living Without Religion – Support Groups

Living Without Religion (LWR) is CFI Canada’s peer-led support group for individuals wishing to discuss past and present religious issues and looks at a positive life free of guilt, fear and shame. While the group is still dedicated to dealing with problems and issues revolving around religion, it is also a place for those interested in exploring larger issues in a non-judgmental welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place for people to share their desire to throw away the burden of religious indoctrination and antiquated dogma. Whether you are thinking of leaving your religion or are already living religion free, or you just wish to support others in this quest, join us. It’s open to the public and everyone is welcome to join in!

Currently LWR groups are meeting in:


Skeptics in the Pub or69848_10151345998878017_611410167_n Cafe

Skeptics in the Pub is one of our members’ favorite activities.  Talk about current science issues or debunk pseudo-science with like-minded individuals.   Please check our Branch pages for a skeptics in the pub meeting near you!


Atheist Meetups

Looking for a pub meeting focussed on secularism and atheism?  Check our Branch pages for atheist meetups.

The Toronto Branch offers an atheist meetup targeted to the older adult at our office at 55 Eglinton Avenue East Suite 307 on Friday afternoons; call us at 416-971-5676 for more information.

  • Ottawa’s Unsermon
  • Darwin Day
  • Sagan Day
  • Solstice and Equinox Events
    • Calgary’s Pastafarian Bash
    • Toronto’s Winter Equinox Magic Show
  • Openly Secular Day


Book Clubs

CFIC’s book clubs meet to discuss books ranging from science and philosophy to politics and the paranormal.  Don’t forget CFIC operates Canada’s largest dedicated secular library at 55 Eglinton Avenue Suite 307!


Kids For Inquiry

KFI is a program targeted to provide science and evidence-based programming for families with young children.


CFIC at Pride

CFIC branches support local Pride events across Canada.Calgary Pride 2014