Dear Freethinkers,

The Centre For Inquiry recently received a very generous donation of $20,000. The donor has asked that the monies be spent on an advertising campaign specifically targeted to the Vancouver area;  now we are thinking bigger, and we need your help.

First the fun part. CFI Canada is calling on members to submit ideas for our campaign. We are looking for ideas that capture the essence of CFI and what we stand for: we are looking for artwork, slogans, anything you think would be appropriate for billboards, transit ads and print media. If a submission is chosen, the winning submission will receive a $500 prize and will be asked to sign over the rights to their work to CFI Canada. All submissions will be retained by CFI and will become the property of CFI Canada. Please do not use any previously copyrighted materials or materials that may be the work of others. Originality is the key. We ask that submissions be made in PDF format to: and be accompanied by a Submission Release which will be mailed in response to all inquiries.We don’t want this campaign to end in Vancouver, we want to expand the campaign across the country! With your help we can do it. We believe that with $60,000 we can execute a Canada-wide campaign that will bring CFI’s message of secular and humanist values to all Canadians. If every member gave just $50 we would reach this goal. We understand that not every member can contribute this amount, but we are hoping that there are many who can give much more. How cool will it be to see a billboard in your town and to be able to say “I helped pay for that”?We need our voices to be heard!

The deadline for receipt of submissions is May 10th 2013. We will be announcing the campaign at the Imagine No Religion 3 conference May 18th.Do not miss this exciting opportunity to become a major part of the growth of our organization and more importantly, the growth of the work we do to promote secular thinking, humanist values and skeptical inquiry.Now get creative!- CFI Canada Board of Directors

To submit a design:
Phone: (416) 971-5676
An entry form will be emailed to you. Submissions are not valid without a form.

To make a donation:
Go to the CFI Canada Support Page and click the donate button and ask that your contribution be directed to the ad campaign. You can also hit the “SUPPORT” button below and direct your donation there.