Introducing CFIC’s A4A

Formerly known as “Secular Rescue”, this program assists people who are seeking asylum as a result of being prosecuted or persecuted for apostasy, blasphemy, or criticism of religion in their current location. Aid provided may include providing information, facilitating connections with other organizations and, in rare instances, offering financial support to assist with resettlement. CFIC’s A4A program works with other secular organizations to advocate for change in countries where people face persecution for their atheism or lack of religion; here at home, we also work to change the current Canadian refugee regulations under which religious refugees are offered special programs not available to those facing persecution as a result of their atheism.

Support for Omer  will continue under the A4A program. CFIC will also continue our work with partner organizations in Canada and internationally, to improve the situation for the ever-increasing number of religious apostates from around the world.