The Cave Painter by Don Hannah, starring Jenny Munday, is a powerful one-person show which explores love, loss, aging, art, and religion. This Blue Munday Productions and Eastern Front co-production runs March 10-15, 2015 in Neptune’s Scotiabank Studio Theatre.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

The Cave Painter tells the story of Diane, a witty bohemian artist who finds herself alone when her son choses a life of religious fundamentalist in which she can have no part. Abandoned and fed up with life’s turn of events, she rages with humour and thoughtfulness in this remarkable show.  The show’s organizers have little doubt that The Cave Painter will be of great interest to your members.
CFI Canada members are invited to attend this play and will receive a discount by referencing the promo-code “caveticket” ; the CFIC discount will get you admission for $20 (the normal entrance fee is $36)Cave Painter image