CFI Canada is committed to the promotion of science and evidence-based practices throughout Canada.  To view CFIC’s latest posts and science news, please visit our Science Archives.

Deadly and Dangerous Pseudoscience and Superstition

In 2014, CFIC began an active program to investigate and report on pseudo-scientific incursions into healthcare and education.  Our Consumer Education and Advocacy pages are your guide to the latest information from CFI Canada on the dangerous forces and systems which are moving away from evidence-based education and healthcare.

In 2015, CFIC began an investigation into the harms of traditional medicine practices with an inquiry into “muti”, a traditional medicine practice from Africa which includes the victimization of people with albinism.


Kids For Inquiry600_434138567

Kids for Inquiry was founded in June 2012 by then 8 year old Ben Ryder who heard about all the interesting things that the Okanagan branch of CFI Canada was doing and he thought that kids should have a CFI group especially for them — and so KFI was born!  We plan to offer Kids for Inquiry at all branches of CFI Canada. It’s an important way for us to teach the value of science to children and families.


Science Chek

CFIC’s  Science Committee created the Science Chek brand  (below) to critically engage with scientific, technological and medical claims made in public discourse. We address factual inaccuracies and misinformation in public debates by promoting evidence-based science. We have published several investigations on topics of science, technology and medicine. Our top priorities include

  • Promoting vaccination as a leading public health tool
  • Creating educational tools for Canadians to recognize pseudo-science
  • Educating Canadians about the facts and science of WiFi/cell-phone radiation



Extraordinary Claims Campaign

In 2010, CFIC launched the Extraordinary Claims website.  Themed on the now famous words of Carl Sagan “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”, the campaign and website is intended to be a community-interactive tool.  It is on CFIC’s Extraordinary Claims website that you will find our Position Statements regarding current and controversial issues of science and secularism.