Reason for Change is CFI (US) annual conference devoted to science and secularism.  In 2015, CFI Canada volunteers, members joined the formal panels, attended the lectures, enthusiastically participated in hallway chats and generally made it known that CFI Canada is an energized and enthusiastic community devoted to science and secularism.

Indeed, throughout the conference, it was clear that Canadians are an important force for reason and for change!


CFI Canada with Richard Dawkins

One of the conference lecturers was eminent secularist and scientist, Richard Dawkins.  We caught up with Professor Dawkins and filled him in on our experience of offering his Magic of Reality to schools in Chilliwack, British Columbia.  Professor Dawkins took a few moments out from his book-signing to stand in solidarity and pride with CFIC volunteers and members.



Supporting Secularist Bloggers

CFI Canada has been very concerned with issues of religious bigotry and violence around the world.  From the attacks on Charlie Hebdo to recent murders of secular bloggers in Bangladesh, the world has observed some of the most clear examples of the harms and threats offered by religion.  At the conference, CFI Canada spent time connecting with other concerned secularists and hearing directly from a Bangladeshi blogger.  We will have more news to share on our work to provide assistance to atheist refugees and to oppose blasphemy laws around the world.





Leading and Speaking For Change

Reason for Change is a very appropriate title for a conference devoted to secularists.  Change and progress is required within the humanist movement as much as it is necessary for humanists, atheists, skeptics and agnostics to work together for change in society.  Eric Adraiaans, CFI Canada’s National Executive Director participated in a panel discussion on the Humanist Movement’s  approach to social justice issues and actions.



















People familiar with CFI recognize the organization(s) as a leading community for science AND secularism.  We are the “big tent” organization promoting skepticism, reason, free thinking, evidence,  freedom of speech, atheism, humanism,  agnosticism,, science, critical thinking and secularism.  Promotion of evidence-based practices in all aspects of life is an essential role in Canada.  Pseudoscience continues to encroach on Canadian healthcare and educational systems.

Science and evidence-based practices offer opportunities to achieve real, verifiable and measurable benefits to people and science continues to be an essential focus of CFI Canada’s mandate.


Pictured below is Eugenie Scott wearing a CFI Canada name-tag during her presentation at the 2015 Reason For Change Conference.


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