Put a CFI billboard in YOUR community

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13 thoughts on “Put a CFI billboard in YOUR community

  1. Dear haters,

    There’s enough pain and rejection of others in the world, why do you have to spread more?

    Why not try going to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and see how you fair there?

    I’m not even believer and find your campaign offensive.

    • Where is the hate? Where is the pain? Where is the rejection?

      I have a feeling this “I’m not even a believer” is rather akin to when people say things like “I’m not a racist, but…” it’s ALWAYS a lie or denial. The only people who see these kinds of ads as an attack are indocrinated to believe that anybody daring to voice a different opinion is somehow infringing on their made-up right to not have to face the facts that some people are different than them. Get over yourself.

  2. I am an atheist, but the thing I hate most about organized religion is its insistence that it has a monopoly on the truth. Here’s my proverb for CFI: Live and let live. You don’t strengthen your own position by denigrating others’

    Stop this foolish campaign.

    • i totally agree, this organization is so transparent, i’m surprised the government has let these terrorists form a “organization” out of themselves.

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  3. Well, hmmm… I guess these ads are meant to promote a belief of unbelief. But I wonder why they are targeted towards followers of Jesus rather then people of all different faiths? What in particular is offensive about Jesus out of the variety of saviours? If mean if the ads worked, (and they won’t as they seem to be offending everyone, including atheists) and a Christian decides to stop putting their faith in Jesus and began believing in well, themselves. How would that really change the world? Christians generally become more and more like Jesus as they have relationship with him. Is that a bad thing? Jesus loved, performed miracles, taught about loving your neighbour as yourself, not showing favouritism, loving the person in front of you, no matter who they are etc.. etc… It’s a fact Christians give more to charity than any group. They see miracles of healing and prophecy on a regular basis. And in general they’re just nice people, (well except for that Baptist group who hate LGBTQs but I wouldn’t consider them Christian. They don’t love so they don’t know God really). What’s the difference in loving people as they are inspired by the love of God and loving people out of choice? Is it worth all this effort taking God out of the equation?

    • You say Christians give more to charity than any other group. How do you know this? I as an atheist give to charity regularly, this giving is to secular charities only. I would suspect that you are including giving to religion based “charities” including tithing or regular church offerings. If this is the case then your presumption is rather slanted. Also, the Golden Rule is merely a rewording of that of Confucius- Do not do anything to another that you would not want him to do to you. Don’t forget all that was written about Jesus was written by men who never saw him.

  4. This is a wonderful campaign and I wish it the utmost success!
    Why shouldn’t people stand up to the ridiculous claims of Christianity and to this
    religion’s claimed monopoly on the truth?

  5. Love the campaign! Keep it up.

    I would hate to be part of a demographic that views reasonable questions and conversation as offensive.

    I would like to see more of this everywhere!

    I think the world is in real need of a rational voice. Based on demonstratable truths, and human dignity.

    “You will never know real salvation from the pews of the congregation.”

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