evidence-based changeAbout 1000 scientists and friends of science, many clad in lab coats, marched on Parliament Hill, in protest against the Harper government’s ideologically motivated and short-sighted attitude towards science. This government has systematically suppressed and/or disregarded the value of science, as they cancelled the long form census, cut funding for numerous research programs, closed the world-renowned Experimental Lakes Area, The Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory, etc (more examples here)

Here is Evidence’s obituary:

The scientific community is sad to report the death of evidence, which passed away June 18th, 2012, after an over six year battle with Harper government policies. Objective and honest, evidence was heavily involved in all aspects of Canadian prosperity and will be sorely missed by all Canadians, whether they currently realize it or not.

As one speaker said, “Evidence is what adults use to navigate the world”.



CFI Ottawa and friends at the march:

CFI Ottawa

CFI Ottawa & friends