As part of CFIC’s ongoing evolution as an organization, we challenged ourselves and our volunteers to re-connect with our brand and our graphic identity.   These logos are the graphic work of CFIC member-volunteers.

Please contact for more information, or if you are looking for a higher quality or modified version of any of these logos.


Centre For Inquiry Canada – Corporate Logo   

Many thanks to David Petrasovic of our Ottawa Branch for the initial work, and to Patti Moran for additional modifications.

This design emphasizes the Canadian identity of CFI Canada by incorporating a red maple leaf in the blue CFI globe.  We love the original CFI logo’s flame (which recalls a candle or flame of knowledge symbolic of Prometheus from Greek mythology), but we wanted to feature CFIC’s Canadian foundation and focus.  The word “Canada” is presented in red italicized text.

For branch logos, we replace “Canada” with the branch name (usually the city), e.g.

(please contact for logos for other branches)

Programming Logos

We’re also unveiling Shawn Fehrenbach’s logo designs connected to our organization’s focus to be Canada’s Community For Science and Secularism.  The Science Chek and Secular Chek logos will accompany CFIC inquiries, articles and investigations and may be used in future brochures, banners and posters where CFIC promotes and educates the public about science or secularism.

Given our concerns with the harmful effects of the incursion of pseudoscience into healthcare and health education, we have used a blue feature colour and incorporated a flask device in the Science Chek logo; the Secular Chek logo carries a “scales of justice” device which incorporates a human figure at the centre.





Further Inquiry

Do you have skills and talents to share?  Have a graphic art proposal to make.  Let us know by emailing