This page has been set up for CFI members and others in the humanist/secularist/skeptic/atheist community to have a respectful discussion and dialog about sexual harassment of women in general, the #metoo movement, and the recent allegations against physicist Lawrence Krauss.

Some questions that have been posed:

  • How should CFIC (and other groups) handle relationships with a person named as a perpetrator of sexual harassment?
  • Recognizing that sexual misconduct is a known and serious issue, how do we set our standards of evidence?
  • What exactly is sexual harassment? Does it need to be illegal to be unacceptable? How do we rewrite society’s rules about appropriate sexual relationships and conduct?
  • Are the rules different for men and women?

Comments will be moderated.  Please avoid

  • offensive language
  • personal attacks
  • naming individual perpetrators or victims

We reserve the right to delete comments.

Some background:

CFI Canada’s Code of Conduct


For more information, click to read CFIC’s March 2018 Critical Links article: “Me Too”