Lunch with Eugenie Scott Banner


In 2014, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday (February 12th – like you didn’t already know) CFI Toronto invited the community to have lunch with Dr. Eugenie Scott, physical anthropologist and now retired Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education.

We had a great time at L’espresso Bar Mercurio on Bloor St. (a few minutes walk from the ROM). Dr. Scott is one of the world’s leading critics of young earth creationism and intelligent design, but when the topic of theistic evolution was raised, the discussion got a bit more, shall we say…lively? After the fact, Eugenie graciously took photos and signed a number of autographs for all attendees. The price for a ticket was $10 and more than worth the cost. CFIC members received a discount (membership has its privileges!).

The lunch preceded Dr. Scott’s evening talk at the ROM in which she discussed what Charles Darwin would have thought of today’s creationist movements if he were still alive to see them. Dr. Scott’s talk was then followed by a performance of “The Rap Guide to Evolution” by artist and scholar, Baba Brinkman.