smart-recovery-meetingLiving Without Religion is a support-group program offered for people who are working through the challenges related to leaving an organized religion, or living without any religion.  The program is facilitated by a participant – not a clinician.  Individuals are encouraged to talk about their challenges from health and quality of life to social or financial dependency.  The program has its roots with CFI Toronto.

We have noticed that LWR continues to be an important part of people’s lives in Toronto and other major cities – and from time to time we have interest from individuals who live in isolated communities and situations…so we’re launching a online version of LWR for individuals who may wish to participate and overcome isolation.

UPDATE:  Based on the success of our first two Online LWR meetings (Wednesday July 2nd, and Wednesday July 23rd), we will be starting regular bi-weekly virtual LWR meetings, every second Wednesday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm (EDT)

The teleconference line will open at 8pm Eastern.   If there are no participants by 8:15, the meeting will be cancelled. This meeting uses the regular telephone network – participants can join using their landline or cellphone (tollfree access is available from most Canadian cities).

To get the details about how to join the call, or for more information about this virtual LWR, or about any other aspect of CFI Canada’s Living without Religion programs, please contact


We Offer:

—A non-judgmental group of peers
—Shared experiences and resources
—A place to express yourself in confidence


LWR is not: a replacement for professional supports NOR is it a place to promote ideologies or ways of life


Our Guidelines:
—Nobody has to talk, but everybody is encouraged to
—You should not interrupt others while they speak
—You should not have side conversations
—Do not tell anyone what to do. But you may share what works for you.
—Do not go on preaching any religion or life philosophy.
—What is said in the support group stays here.