Leadership and Management Team

As a national organization, CFI Canada draws its leadership and management from coast to coast.


Eric Adriaans – Strategy Consultanteric_adriaans_apr2014

Eric, a resident of Southwestern Ontario, joined CFI Canada as the National Executive Director in March 2014.  As a charitable sector professional (since 1991), Eric has worked and volunteered for many of Canada’s best recognized charitable agencies.  Dedicated to lifelong learning, Eric obtained a B.A. (Psychology and English) from Carleton University and is currently enrolled in Athabasca University’s Legislative Drafting program. 



Jeff Ainsle – Calgary Branch ManagerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jeff Ainslie has been a professional educator for more than 20 years. He started as a science teacher and over his career has taught every core subject at the secondary level. Currently he is the Learning Lead of the Career and Technology Studies Department at a local high school. His curiosity and skeptical outlook on life made him a handful during his Catholic school upbringing. By age 9 he had challenged his teachers with questions such as “Are all the soldiers who fought in World War II and killed people going to hell?” and “Isn’t the only reason I’m Catholic is because I was born here?”. After learning about Galileo and the suppression of his work by the Catholic Church, he turned his back on Christianity. His most well known skeptical activities are related to “Fat 2 Fit Radio”, a fitness podcast that was in production for 4 years. Jeff challenged the quackery of many weight loss diets, bogus supplements, and too good to be true bodybuilding programs. His skeptical outlook on the fitness industry propelled his show into the Top 10 in the iTunes Fitness rankings, and wide recognition after being interviewed on the popular show “Skeptics Guide to The Universe”. Jeff’s recent position with CFI Calgary was as a Social Director where he worked on many events such as Pub Nights, Movie Nights, BBQ’s and guest lecturers and speakers.

Diane Bruce -  Ottawa Branch Manager

Diane has a background in real time embedded systems (Programming and a bit of hardware) with over 30 years of experience. Growing up in Ottawa she is very nearly a life time atheist, who grew into atheism quickly from a sceptical viewpoint and, an interest in anything science. Her university education was in math-science. Diane first became involved with CFI Ottawa shortly after attending Eschaton 2012. She plays trumpet and harpsichord among other instruments.





Cassandra Martino – Legal Project Intern cass
Cass joined CFIC as a volunteer in 2014 to help with cases where people from the atheist or secular communities are seeking asylum in Canada. From her work on that project she was drafted to join our project to end blasphemy laws. Cassandra has been instrumental in developing strategies to repeal the Canadian blasphemy law which still exists as section 269 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Cass learned to be skeptical through her undergraduate degree Honors Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, one of the few degrees which teaches that the information you are given can be misleading, falsified, coincidental etc… Currently she is applying to law school for the September 2016 intake. She has always been an atheist and a feminist. In her spare time she is either at crossfit or reading a mystery novel. She enjoys long walks on the beach, and cats.

Ashley Rooney – CFI Sudbury Managerashley

Ashley’s professional back ground is in engineering. He graduated from Lakehead University in 1997 with a bachelors degree in engineering.  Ashley spent almost all of his career in northern Ontario working in the engineering field, specifically in Forestry and mining.  Ashley became interested in philosophy within the last 4 years and humanism in the last 2, which is what prompted him to join CFIC.  Ashley never paid much attention to the privilege that religion has enjoyed in the public sphere, but recent events such as 9/11 and the barbarism in the middle east have forced him to come to terms with the destructive power of religion and how important it is to criticize it and oppose it. It is for this reason that Ashley will continue to lend my support to secularism and humans in the hopes of bettering myself and his fellow man.



Seanna Watson – Information Systems Managerseanna_watson_photo

Seanna was one of the founders of the Ottawa branch of CFI Canada in 2009.  She grew up in Toronto, where her early religious upbringing was liberal/Reform Jewish (though her grandfather was a staunch atheist).  Despite having skeptical  and freethinking tendencies as a child and young teenager, she  encountered some very convincing evangelists and converted to fundamentalist Christianity at the age of 15. However, continuing with a skeptical and free-thinking approach, she gradually abandoned various aspects of Christianity over the subsequent years, becoming an atheist around the turn of the century.  Seanna has a special interest in education in science and skepticism as well as in building caring communities of non-believers.  In addition to her duties as board member responsible for education, Seanna is a semi-retired electrical engineer  currently working as a consultant and freelance technical writer.



Shawn Wilson – Halifax Branch Managershawn_profile

Shawn Wilson is the branch director of CFI Halifax.  He is a lifelong atheist and science enthusiast, but only took an interest in activism after Creationists’ attempt to inject Intelligent Design into science curricula in 2005.  He has volunteered with several CFI and non-CFI projects falling under the Skepticism banner.  In addition to freethought and science communicators, he enjoys listening to, but is baffled by, alt-med practitioners, conspiracy theorists, religious apologists and devotees of the paranormal.  Shawn works as a programmer in a hospital research department, plays as a member of the Halifax Makerspace, and is father to two children.