Kids for Inquiry is CFI Okanagan’s group for kids ages 7-12 who want to learn about cool science stuff! KFI is now using the fantastic website.


Kids will learn cool science stuff and also engage in hands-on projects:


How accurate is a sundial that you make yourself? Why is it not more accurate?

How does a homemade battery work? How long can it light an LED?

What do owls eat? Can you find evidence in a regurgitated pellet?

Would you like to extract some of your own DNA cells?

What’s going on in your brain when you meditate?

Which household liquids are the most and least dense?

What chemical reactions are going on when you bake bread?

Can you power a model car by converting potential energy to kinetic energy?




As kids learn skills and perform experiments, they can upload photos or videos to the website and show off their work! (And earn cool patches — from Astronomer to Zoologist — along the way.) To find out more about DIY, go here.


Science is all around us: It’s in the lab, it’s outside in nature, it’s in the kitchen, it’s in the playroom, it’s inside your body.

With KFI, kids can learn about science and kids can do science!

Upcoming Event: Space Travel: What’s Possible? What’s Not? April 18