Alberta Abstinence ChartOn  July 22, 2014, Ms Blog posted an article by Simone Lieban Levine “”Canadian Teen Gets Abstinence-Only Education Class Cancelled”.  The article describes efforts by an Edmonton high school student, Emily Dawson and her family to have a mandatory abstinence-only workshop removed from her school.  Congratulations and well done to Emily and Kathy Dawson!

We particularly want to echo Simone Lieban Levine summary comments: “Perhaps the actions of Emily Dawson and these American students signal a new student-led movement against ignorant and inaccurate sex education. It’s high time for only the real facts of life to be taught in schools.”

Ms Blog and Simone Lieban Levine deserve applause and support for posting the article and for reporting on this story and for advocating facts rather than faith in our schools.

You can find the original article here :

The Dawson’s victory should encourage organizations like CFI Canada as well as its individual members and volunteers to stay involved to keep religion and faith-based bigotry out of publicly funded schools.



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