CFI Canada has a mandate to reduce the harms of superstition, pseudoscience and religion through education.

CFI Canada engages in education and activism that is meant to raise awareness around issues of skepticism, secularism and science-based policy. We stand on the principles that all beliefs should be subject to scrutiny and critical analysis. We also stand on the principle that no belief, no matter how strongly or deeply held, should trump basic human rights of free speech, free expression and free inquiry.

We are proud to have combated religious extremism both at home and abroad on many occasions and will continue to act as Canada’s voice against the harms of religion, pseudoscience and superstition.

Some of our recent and ongoing campaigns:

Boko Haram and the Importance of a Secular Society

Catholic School Board Breaking the Law?

Say NO to  Pope John Paul II Day

Tell ABC that Jenny McCarthy’s pseudoscience is not welcome on The View (@theviewtv)


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