CFI Canada is a volunteer-driven organization.  Your commitment and work is essential to the success of CFI Canada.

If you are interesting in volunteering with CFI Canada on local, provincial or national activities, please contact us at humanresources@cficanada.ca .


June 2014 – Special Call for Volunteers!!

Do you have an interest in supporting CFI Canada’s youth and young adult engagement programs?  Are you interested in building a national network of connections with like-minded individuals?    CFI Canada is currently searching for a National CFI Canada Campus Outreach Coordinator.   This may be the opportunity you’re looking for!  Contact Eric Adriaans at ned@cficanada.ca for further information.


CFI Canada is building a new Spokesperson Team.  The Spokesperson Team will  act as the primary communicators of CFI Canada’s positions, policies and vision.  Training and support will be provided by Eric Adriaans (National Executive Director),  Justin Trottier (National Public Policy Manager) and other leaders and volunteers of the organization from coast-to-coast.  The team, which we plan to “go live” by October 2014 will be comprised of 3-5 volunteer spokespeople.  Are you interested in helping to communicate CFI Canada’s positions on secularism, science and humanism?  Are you familiar with media relations?  Are you a strong communicator? Do you want to make a difference?……Contact Eric Adriaans at ned@cficanada.ca for further information.  Notes: i) CFI Canada requires at least one francophone or bilingual spokesperson, preferably located in Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City. ii) Local Branch Managers and Advisory Fellows will continue to be lead communicators on issues relating to local branch communication and/or where subject matter experts are required.



We are also accepting volunteer applications in the following areas:

-  Accounting
- Video production and editing
- Research
- Writing
- Event management
- Fundraising or grant proposal writing
- Human Resources
- Marketing and Promotions