Conferences provide an opportunity for CFIC’s often widely dispersed community to get together, share information, and build networks.  CFI Canada is pleased to present 2 annual regional conferences.  Here are some highlights of past conferences.


Imagine No Religion 3

The third annual CFI Canada Western conference took place in Kamloops, BC,  May 17-19, 2013.  The conference included two uniquely Canadian productions, Carmen Aguirre’s “Blue Box” and Andy Blau’s “Skeptic Magic Show,” and an exclusive CFI members’ only closing banquet.

Keynote speaker Daniel C. Dennett was joined by Victor Stenger, Aron Ra, William B. Davis, Brian Dalton (Mr.Deity), Sean Faircloth, Cristina Rad, Richard Carrier, Aruna Papp, Taslima Nasreen, Louise Antony, Christopher DiCarlo, Dr. K. Sohail and D.J. Grothe. These renowned authors, advocates and activists delivered inspiring messages and cutting edge perspectives on topics that ranging from scientific reasoning to human rights.

If you missed the conference, you can see videos of some of the talks on YouTube, or buy the 8 DVD set at


Eschaton 2012

The official title for the CFI Ottawa conference on November 30 to December 2, 2012 was Eschaton2012: Celebrating Reason at the End of the World, and it was The Best Conference at the End of The World. The more than 130 people who celebrated reason at the end of the world were not worrying about the world ending on December 21; they were thinking about how to make the world a more reasonable place for everyone. AtheismTV filmed all the talks. Links to the videos are available on the Eschaton2012 website.

Kevin Smith, President and Chair of CFI Canada Board of Directors, welcomed volunteers, guests, and speakers to the Eschaton 2012 Night at the Museum Gala and thanked everyone for making the Eschaton 2012 weekend a huge success.

The Montage video gives you snapshots of the excitement and enthusiasm at Eschaton and many of the attendees, including Eric MacDonald, PZ Myers, Godless Poutine, and Canadian Atheist wrote glowing reports after the event.

All the speakers at Eschaton were pleased to sign the flyleaf of Christopher Hitchens’Mortality.