Campus Outreach



Do you have an interest in supporting CFI Canada’s youth and young adult engagement programs?  Are you interested in building a national network of connections with like-minded individuals?    CFI Canada is currently searching for a “National CFI Canada Campus Outreach Coordinator”.   This may be the opportunity you’re looking for!  Contact Eric Adriaans at for further information.

Centre for Inquiry Canada leads a robust Campus Outreach initiative aimed at providing ongoing active support to student societies across Canadian universities and colleges. CFI Canada has since its inception been at the forefront of the campus freethought movement by actively assisting in the founding of student groups, providing educational and promotional resources, co-hosting campus lectures and debates, and providing training, recruitment and organizational capacity building to sustain and grow a network of connected student societies. Each CFIC branch is actively involved in campus outreach with post-secondary institutions in its area. In addition, CFI Transnational, our U.S. counterpart, hosts an annual summer Campus Leaders training conference at its international headquarters in Amherst, New York, and provides bursaries to assist student leaders to travel and participate in this important gathering.

Centre for Inquiry Canada offers student activists an opportunity to work in collaboration with an established national institution to have their work published, to reach out through our Speakers Bureau to a cadre of leading speakers and potential faculty advisors, and to join forces to coordinate outreach campaigns that spread the values of science advocacy, freedom of thought, and church-state separation across large numbers of campuses in Canada.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact
(416) 971-5676
2 College Street, Unit 214,
Toronto, M5G 1K3