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As an educational charitable organization, the Centre for Inquiry Canada relies on a dedicated, growing group of volunteers at all levels of the organization, from the Board of Directors to the leadership of key national committees to the executive committee of its branches.

When you become a member, you aren’t just joining a community, you are making a statement. You are making a commitment to the values of Reason and Science in Canada and across the world. By getting involved, you are adding your voice to the thousands of others who are ready to make a stand for Reason.

Do you have an interest in supporting CFI Canada’s youth and young adult engagement programs?  Are you interested in building a national network of connections with like-minded individuals?

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We are looking for individuals with key expertise and experience in the following areas:

- Social media
- Video production and editing
- Event management
- Fundraising or grant writing
- Administration
- Human Resources
- Marketing and Promotions

Contact or to book an interview with your local Branch or the National Executive Director.