Ottawa buses are now carrying an ad produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Some people find it offensive, as they consider attaching ridiculous conspiracy theories to a terrible tragedy to be dishonoring of the dead. As a result, there are calls for a review of OC Transpo’s advertising policy. However, others are defending the ad on free-speech grounds:

Councillor Rainer Bloess…said he doesn’t subscribe to the “Re-think” group’s message but said he also thinks freedom of speech should be protected, within limits. “I do believe there’s nothing wrong with provoking a little thought in our residents,” said Bloess.

Hmmm. Four years ago, Councillor Bloess was among those voting against allowing the “There’s Probably No God” ads to run on Ottawa busses (Minutes here, search down for “MOTION NO. 62/10”).

Perhaps we should congratulate Bloess on his new-found wisdom.

(author: Steve Watson)

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