Policy Development

Like any non-profit, CFI Canada operates based on a set of policies designed to ensure compliance with charity law and best practices for non-profits.

Below we have outlined some policies that may be of interest to you as a volunteer, member or donor. By placing these online in open sight, we hope to add transparency and accountability to Centre for Inquiry Canada.

Investment Policy (coming soon, PDF format upload)

This is our policy concerning the holding and donation of investments. CFI commits itself to protecting and accounting for all donations in secure investments

Donor Bill of Rights (coming soon PDF format upload)

This is our policy on the rights of donors. When you give to us, we have an ethical obligation to use your donation to the best of our ability to promote reason, science and secularism

Associate Membership Application (coming soon PDF format upload)

If you are a long-time member of CFI Canada, have volunteered, donated or otherwise shown commitment to our mandate and goals apply to be an Associate Member

Volunteer Bill of Rights (coming soon PDF format upload)

If you volunteer with us you are making a commitment to our values, this is our commitment to our volunteers to help them build skills, advance education and find meaningful work at CFI Canada