CFIC Library

Eric CFI 3A founding principle of CFI Canada is our commitment to education in areas of science, philosophy and humanist ideals. To that end CFI Canada’s National Office maintains one of the country’s largest collections of Secular Humanist literature.

For several years (2011–2014), the CFI Canada library was in storage for lack of space at the College St location.  In 2014, with our relocation to 55 Eglinton Avenue East (Suite 307), the full collection has been returned to the office for use by Friends of the Centre for Inquiry Canada and members of the public.

This collection contains books on skepticism, science, humanism, atheism, secularism and all areas of philosophy. All of our materials have been generously donated to our collection over the years and are free to borrow.

If you are interested in taking out a book for leisure or research, please have a look at our online catalogue below to see what’s available.

To donate a relevant book or artifact please send us an email with your inquiry. Donations of books above an appraised value of $20 will be eligible for a tax receipt.

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The CFI library categorized in an excel spreadsheet.

Download Categorized .XLS Library File