CFI Launches Dangerous Dilutions Project

CFI Canada inquires into the role that pseudo-scientific health services play in the lives – and deaths – of their clients.  Pseudo-scientific health services seem to be playing an ever-greater role in mainstream society, governments and universities.  These services, which often have no greater effect than a placebo, may lead to harm for people and for society.

Pseudo-scientific health services, such as homeopathy, are not only diluting their “treatments”, they’re diluting the healthcare system.  CFIC’s Dangerous Dilutions Project is an inquiry into the impact of these service providers – and the responsibilities and accountabilities that should be placed upon these service providers when they sell their services.

CFIC encourages you to submit pseudo-scientific health services and claims to .  All tips and questions will be maintained confidential.  CFIC volunteers will investigate all tips, questions or claims and report our findings.

Hippocrates Health Institute

On January 29, 2015 Makayla Sault died.  It was nearly a year after the 11-year-old refused chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.  Several weeks after Makayla Sault’s death, reports that Brian Clement, the owner of Florida-based Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) which, was issued a citation by the Florida Department of Health began to surface.  According to media reports, Clement was ordered to stop representing himself as a medical doctor and to stop practicing medicine.  Reports state that Clement faces a fine of $3738 and possible criminal charges.  What role did Clement and his pseudo-scientific clinic play in the death of Mikayla Sault?

HHI is just one of many organizations in Canada and around the world ready to sell their services to desperately ill and suffering people.

CFIC calls for Canadians to join us in putting an end to Brian Clement’s visits to sell pseudo-scientific health services to unsuspecting Canadians.  Tell Clement and his Hippocrates Health Institute that they are not welcome in Canada!


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