CFIC AGM and Elections Notice

2016 Annual General Meeting Notice

The 2016 Annual General Meeting for CFI Canada was held  on Sunday April 10, 2015 via teleconference.

Board Elections and Composition

CFIC logo CanadianCouncil Election and Composition

The CFIC Council is calculated as 5% of the paid and in good-standing membership as calculated at the opening of the fiscal year.  For 2016, there were 425 such members on October 1, 2015, resulting in a council of 21 councillors.  As of February 9, 2016 there are approximately 475 members in good standing!

The acclaimed CFIC Council  is as follows:

Term Expires March 2017 (4): Leslie Rosenblood, Richard Thain, Danielle Russell, Wil McDowall

Term Expires March 2018 (3): Bryan Eelhart, Shawn Wilson, Seanna Watson

Term Expires March 2019 (7): Gus Lyn Piluso, John McKay, Kendra Getty, Blythe Nilson, Zena Ryder, Barbara Trott, Mark Taylor

Term Expires March 2020 (6): Jason Lawrence, Kevin Smith, Pat O’Brien, Alex Kenjeev, Genessa Radke, Karolina Sygula

2016 Board of Directors

Kevin Smith – Chair

Wil McDowall – Vice Chair/Secretary

Seanna Watson – Education Chair/Branch Liaison

Blythe Nilson – Science Chair

Jason Lawrence – Human Rights Chair

Alex Kenjeev – Director at Large

Danielle Russell – Director at Large


Archival Notes


2015 Annual General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General Meeting for CFI Canada was held at 55 Eglinton Avenue East Suite 307 on March 28, 2015; a teleconference option was available to those unable to physically attend.  At the AGM, a slate of 21 Councillors and a 5-person Board of Directors was affirmed.

Board Composition 2015

Bylaws adopted in June 2014 establish that the Board is elected from the ranks of the CFI Council.  Currently there are 7 Board positions with 2 vacancies:
Kevin Smith – Chair
Pat O’Brien – Vice Chair
Wil McDowall  - Secretary
Seanna Watson – Education Chair
Genessa Radke – Community Fundraising Chair

Council Composition 2015

CFIC’s bylaws stipulate that the Council is comprised of 5% of the total membership (Friends of the Centre For Inquiry Canada plus Council members) and is to be elected by the council from the Friends of the Centre For Inquiry Canada who are duly nominated.  A report of total membership numbers at the close of the fiscal year indicates that there were 354 members in good standing; therefore, there shall be 18 council positions beginning March 28, 2015.  The CFIC Council opted to approve 21 council positions based on a March 2015 membership of 425 members.

2015 Council

Existing Councillors are eligible to nominate members as councillors and councillors as board members.  Your existing council is as follows:

Term Expires March 2016 (6)

Kevin Smith, Karolina Sygula, Wil McDowall, Mike Gray, Pat O’Brien, Genessa Radke

Term Expires March 2017 (4)

Veronica Abbass, Leslie Rosenblood, Richard Thain, Danielle Russell

Term Expires March 2018 (4)

Bryan Eelhart, Dorothy Hays, Shawn Wilson, Seanna Watson

 Term Expires March 2019 (7)

Gus Lyn Piluso, John McKay, Zena Ryder, Barbara Trott, Mark Taylor, Kendra Getty, Blythe Nilson


2014 Governance Notes

In June 2014, CFIC adopted new bylaws with expanded democratic processes; included in those bylaws is a requirement for a transition election for a new Council.

The transition election nomination process yielded 10 Council nominees for 10 available positions - this slate of Councillors has been acclaimed.  Members (now called Friends of the Centre For Inquiry Canada) who were current and in good standing at the date of the Annual General Meeting (June 15, 2014) were eligible to stand for election to Council; interested individuals were required to be nominated by at least two existing Councillors.

Going forward, election cycles will be standardized with the CFI Canada Annual General Meeting.  The next AGM will March 28, 2015.  By rule of the Bylaws, the number of new Councillors will be set at 5% of the members in good standing at the start of the fiscal year (October 1)

The primary responsibilities of the CFIC council are to elect the board of Directors and to elect the Council.  Should you have any questions regarding CFIC’s Council, please contact