Local Branches allow CFIC members to create a community of like minded people. Local Branches receive support from CFIC and, in return, promote CFIC to its membership. Local branch volunteers must be members of CFIC (note that an earned membership category is available.) CFIC offers local branches in larger centres where the population is sufficient to provide the critical mass necessary to create and sustain a branch.

Branches are currently 100% volunteer run. Locally, branched decide what programs and events to hold and whether and how to communicate with members and the broader community. Branches are strongly encouraged to offer at least one ongoing (weekly or monthly) program and at least one special event each year. In addition, branches maintain an on-line presence through active social media sites.

CFIC Branches offer programs to suit their membership. These programs may include:

• Living without Religion
• Secular Chat
• Secular Community Network
• Kids for Inquiry
• Skeptics in the Pub
• Skepticamp
• Pub Talks
• Book Club
• Video series
• Triva Quiz
• Major speaker events
• Miscellaneous social activities
• Participation in events/activities sponsored by other organizations